Jane (pt 2)

The man and woman who found me stay with me for a long time. They keep pouring food into a bowl in front of the cage. I don’t know if I’m allowed to eat the food. They might be tricking me into behaving badly, but they seem so kind. The smiles on their faces are brighter than I’ve ever seen.

“Do you think we should head out of here now?” asks the man.

“We can’t leave until she’s ready. So, let’s put the bowl in the carrier and see if she’s okay with it. It’s only temporary after all,” replies the woman.

I’m going to call her Angel. I was named by a human, so I think it’s my turn to offer names to show my appreciation. The man is named Beard, because he has a long beard. I have the urge to snuggle up to it, but he’s standing and I’m too weak to move.

They place the bowl into the cage and wait. Angel strokes my tender back, and Beard stands there quietly. I don’t want to disappoint them, so I hobble into the cage.

“Good girl!” Angel beams, “We’re one step closer to bringing you to a new home. I hope you like the carrier. We put lots of blankets in there for you.”

A new home? One like this? One that’s dirty and barren? These two don’t look to be the type, but you can never be too sure. Angel closes the door on the cage, and I whimper. On instinct, I start barking. My heart pounds and my stomach grumbles. How can I still be hungry? Don’t be a greedy dog, Jane. Don’t…
I start pawing at the empty bowl and beg for more. I feel guilty, but wouldn’t you know, they give me more food. This time, they keep the door to the cage open. I’m glad they did. Even though I could see through the door, I felt constricted. Small spaces were never good to me. Angel pokes her head into the cage and kisses the top of my head.

“Maybe you should take the door off,” Angel says, “It might make her more comfortable.”

Beard rips off the door and I start wagging my tail. These people, these miracles, are listening to my needs. They’re helping me feel comfortable. I didn’t know that was allowed. Beard picks up the cage, with me inside, and we walk to the front of the house. He slides me into the backseat of a small car. I whine, and Angel starts petting my head.

“Don’t worry,” she says, “I’ll be with you the whole time.” She slides into the seat beside me, and Beard starts the car.

The drive is long. I want to sleep, but there’s so many sights to see! I see green trees, squirrels, people with other dogs. My tail wags wildly and I bark with glee. I’m silent for a moment, thinking Angel will scold me. She laughs instead, and refills my bowl.

When we stop, we reach a small white building with pictures of animals above the door. Angel brings me in by carrying the cage and sets me down in front of a desk. Beard talks to a woman, lets call her Red Lips, behind the counter. “We have a dog here that we’re hoping you can help,” Beard says, “He belonged to our neighbor, but we haven’t seen him in days. Her name is Jane, and she’s badly injured. We want to help her get healthy, and find a better home.”
“We could have got the dog if you had called us,”
Red Lips says kindly, “That would have saved you a trip.”

“We could have,” says Beard, “But we thought we owed it to her to save her ourselves. It’s too bad we didn’t notice how badly she was being treated earlier.”

“Let’s get her to the back room and get her checked out,” says Red Lips, “She seems to be a kind dog. Did she hurt either one of you?”

“Oh, no!” Angel exclaims, “She’s a perfect angel. Once we showed her a little love, she was happy as a clam.” Angel, and her petite arms, picks up the cage and follows Red Lips down a long white hallway.

I hear barks and meows of cats and dogs, and bark in reply. Surprisingly, they all sound relatively happy. In pain, but happy to be safe. We enter a small room and Angel places the cage on a long, rectangular table.

“When she’s ready to come out of there, I’ll examine her,” says Red Lips, “It’s about time she gets a little TLC.”

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